Top 10 Steel Industry Interview Questions

Question 1. Differentiate Between Carbon Steel And Alloy Steel ?

Ans – Carbon steel is the combination of iron and carbon. It is easily rusted and malleable. It can be easily machined and magnetic. Alloy steel is the combination of iron, carbon and other alloying elements. It is rust proof and harder and tougher. It is hard for machining and non magnetic.

Question 2. Why Is The Soldering Iron Bit Made Of Copper And Not Of Steel ?

Ans – Because copper is good conductor of heat and quickly transfer its heat to the metal at the joint than the steel.

Question 3. Which Type Of Grains Formed After Hardening The Steel ?

Ans – Hardened steel have contains fine grains.

Question 4. What Are The Commonly Found Iron Ores ?

Answer : Hematite, Magnetite, Limonite, Siderite and Iron pyrite are the main iron ores.

Question 5. How Will You Identify Cast Iron, Mild Steel And High Carbon Steel ?

Answer : By spark: When a metal is held against grinding wheel it gives sparks. Cast iron gives thick and short sparks. Mild steel gives medium and dense sparks and High carbon steel gives long and dense sparks. By hammering : When a blow of hammer is given with these metals there will be a deep spot on mild steel, less deep spot on high carbon steel and cast iron may break.

Question 6. Why Is The Most Of Cutting Tools Made Out In H.s.s ?

Answer : Because it resist the heat on the cutting edge of tool and it smoothly work in high speed.

Question 7. What Is Heat Treatment ?

Ans – Heat treatment is an operation involving heating and cooling of metals to change its properties.

Question 8. Why Is It Not Possible To Harden Unalloyed Tool Steel Part Right Through Its Full Thickness ?

Ans – Because it requires very high cooling rate which is only possible for its outer surface.

Question 9. Define Normalising ?

Ans – Normalising is a process to make the steel part to its normal stage.

The main purposes are

  • To reduce grain size of steel.
  • To achieve desired mechanical properties.
  • To remove internal stresses caused by working.

Question 10. Describe The Annealing Process?

Ans – The process for softening the steel part is called Annealing. Generally it is done for the following purposes,

  1. To soften the steel for machining.
  2. To refine the grain size in the steel.
  3. To increase ductility in the steel.
  4. To relieve internal stresses.
  5. To change electrical and mechanical properties.

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